HOCOcube design – pure and colorful

A new line of skirting with modern colors to perfectly match any interior design.

Hoco CUBE DesignThe CUBE product line, offering a modern and pure design, has enjoyed great popularity and is a permanent part of the Hoco product range. Hoco has now created and developed a new CUBE product line, which aims to offer the most suitable skirting for each room.

Available in nine modern colors, the new CUBE Design is an ideal design element to create distinctively designed rooms. In addition to these standard colors each skirting can also be lacquered to match any RAL color. Whereas before you would decorate to match your floor, you can now have a floor to match your décor and have an eye-catcher at the same time. Creativity is unlimited, and the skirting can be selected, for example, to match the wall or as a colorful addition to existing design elements.

The new product line gives our dealers the opportunity to increase in sales through this expanded product range, and at the same time costs are saved: The stock of skirting fitted for laminate and vinyl floors is reduced, and new benefits are generated by no longer being dependent on new designs and décor trends.

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